Under The Sea

usobacovergs-William Clausen

usobacovergs-William Clausen

The San Diego Comic-Con International 2013 begins on Thursday, July 18
and ends on Sunday, July 21. As mentioned in the previous post, The Cosmic Brain Trust is hosting a private party called Under the Sea. I can’t spill the beans on who all is invited, but I can tell you that my brother, William Clausen, has put together a comic called USO HUNTERS that will be given away to all the guests. Once again he has called upon my humble services to put the comic together (in Adobe Illustrator) and do the lettering.

While I cannot show you the completed book yet, I can show you the raw, unlettered pages. It always seems a shame to cover so much of the art with text, but that is the nature of the biz, as they say (I always admired ComiCon Founder Shel Dorf’s ability to balance his beautiful hand lettering without detracting from the visuals).

So, for now, enjoy the NAKED Graphics and get yourself down to ComiCon if you can. Cheers!


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