Cosmic Dancers

Cosmic Intelligence 2013 William Clausen

Cosmic Intelligence 2013 William Clausen

I’m pumped! Not only is tonight my graduation ceremony, for which my sister, Dr. Nievita Watts has shown up 2 1/2 hours early (thanx ChiChi!), but this year also marks the 40th anniversary of The Starduster Saga which I talked about waaaay back at the beginning of my blog. (Shown above, from Starduster – “The Cosmic Intelligence” (c) William Clausen, 1973). While the complete saga has yet to see the light of day, it has influenced an interesting spawn of sorts…The Cosmic Brain Trust!

The Cosmic Brain Trust was started by George Clayton Johnson(pictured), William Clausen (pictured), Brent Anderson, Mr. and Mrs. Alan Williams, David Schweizer, Clayton Moore, Nieves Clausen (pictured), Mike Amron and Gary Hull (pictured). It was formed (officially) to have fun, non-political get-togethers (while secretly creating mind blowing concepts so bizarre and intellectually stimulating that they also have not yet seen daylight. LOL) The Cosmic Brain Trust’s next meeting will be at Comicon, San Diego at Animation Under The Sea. You have been warned. : )

The Cosmic Brain Trust

The Cosmic Brain Trust


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