Phoenix Festival



It’s been a busy week! Tuesday we had the unveiling of “The Phoenix” Clark College’s annual publication of Arts and Literature.

I was once again privileged to not only be on paid staff (webMaster and illustrator), but also had my art featured inside. Earlier I posted an illustration of “urban combat boots” that I did for one of the poems, and I promised to post the final version upon publication. So here it is, along with the poem and 2 of my other pieces that were juried in:

The Fall (Illustrator and Collage) and
Paper Airplanes (Pento – Photoshop enhanced Pencil), featured above.



Paper Airplanes is the first piece that was selected in 2 categories, 2D art and 3D art. It was also selected to hang in the Archer Gallery in the Student Art Annual (a separate, juried competition) that was officially opened on Tuesday as well.



I would like to personally thank the jurors and Phoenix staff members for honoring my work, as well as congratulate all the other students who were similarly chosen.

See all the 2d Art chosen for this years Phoenix, as well as Video and original Music at


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