Please Talk To Me



The pleasant days of May are upon us, and “Please” (in the Title or Lyric) is the subject of this month’s Music Passion video gallery. With that in mind I present one of my favorite Peter Gabriel videos (With King Crimson‘s Tony Levin on bass and Paula Cole on backing vocals).

The uploader describes it thusly

The opening track off the DVD film based on his Secret World Live video. Pretty much the greatest thing I’ve ever seen.

I have this one in my collection and couldn’t agree more.






8 thoughts on “Please Talk To Me

  1. You had to have been there…the video, though great just doesn’t do justice to the majesty of the show…the best Peter Gabriel tour EVER (except maybe the early Genesis stuff)…I couldn’t get tickets in L.A. so I hitchiked to San Diego with some European students…at the end of the show, Peter packs his band into a suitcase and a spaceship comes down and takes them away.

  2. Super WOW Leiul! It’s the first time i heard of this song but I just loved, loved it plus the performance of the Artist in the video… It’s amazing! This Peter Gabriel is really a great artist !
    He sings beautifully 🙂 Thanks for your entry! xoxo

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