Heart Of The Sunrise



Heart is the word in this month’s Music Passion competition. While I could post something that actually has a shot at winning (like Niel Young’s “Heart of Gold”) I decided instead to continue featuring things I find musically outstanding. Last month I introduced you to the Montreux Jazz Festival DVD series and this month I’m dipping into it again to come up with “Heart of the Sunrise”.

This powerful yet gentle rendition by the legendary group YES should convince you of why they are in my top 2 groups of ALL TIME (the other being King Crimson).
So sit back with your favorite beverage and “Fly into the Sun”.




7 thoughts on “Heart Of The Sunrise

  1. One of my favorite songs by Yes. The ‘Fragile’ album has inspired several paintings of mine. The music on it reminds me of Winter, especially “South Side of the Sky” and “Heart of the Sunrise”. Jon Anderson’s lyrics as well as the instrumentation of Yes (their early albums) have influenced my imagery in at least a dozen of my paintings.
    To view my oil on canvas paintings google:James McCarthy-Surrealism and the Landscape or http://www.surrealseasons.webs.com.

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  4. Fly into the sun…lol…pretty funny reference to Yes playing on Lou Reed’s first solo effort…anyway,…this is one of the great versions of Yes…Before Jon Anderson and Rick Wakeman were replaced by the current fold.

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