Farm Aid (2013)

studentlifecomic-6 Leiulf Clausen

studentlifecomic-6 Leiulf Clausen

It’s been a busy week. Monday I gave a PeChaKuCha presentation on my career. I managed to preserve my streak of not giving the instructors exactly what they want purely by accident. I read the instructions and knew that I had 6min. and 40secs. to fill.So I set about constructing an epic composed of 160 slides. When I got to school on 2 hours sleep, I re-read the instructions and realized the PeChaKuCha formula called for ONLY 20 slides! Thinking quickly, I decided that I was unveiling the future of the format…
PeChaKuCha in OCTAL (base eight- 20 x 8 = 160)! Once the rest of the world catches up I shall be forced to give these talks in HEXADECIMAL (base 16). Oh, and stay tuned for the 64 bit version, just don’t blink!

Today marks the release of the second comic in the Independent, so I am giving you a sneak peek of that as well (shown above). Moral of the story, when you are given a topic, make sure you understand what you are preparing. We can’t ALL be innovators, can we?


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