Frankenstien (part1)

Frank Frazetta-Drawing-8

Frank Frazetta-Drawing-8

It’s saturday, and I’m working on my Pe-CHA-ku-cha presentation for ART 215 Portfolio. As we are required to present our influences, I have gone back to the beginning and researched the awesome Frank Frazetta.

Frank Frazetta-Self

Frank Frazetta-Self

When I drew something, (my grandmother) would be the one to say it was wonderful and would give me a penny to keep going. Sometimes I had nothing left to draw on but toilet paper. As I got older, I started drawing some pretty wild things for my age. I remember the teachers were always mesmerized by what I was doing, so it was hard to learn anything from them. So I went to art school when I was a little kid, and even there the teachers were flipping out.

As I have only scratched the surface of his work in this blog, I decided it was about time to give him a well deserved 3 part series. In this post I will focus on his drawings, later we’ll see his awesome paintings.

Can’t wait? Visit: The Unofficial Frank Frazetta Fantasy Art Gallery

Frank Frazetta-PigGIRL

Frank Frazetta-PigGIRL


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