Paper Airplanes

Get Naked-Naked Picassos

Get Naked-Naked Picassos

Today in Art 118 (time based Art) I will be unveiling my video. It was created in Photoshop by slowly erasing and re-drawing components, copying layers and exporting to jpeg. I limited each Photoshop file to 50 layers (frames) for a total of 12 files (600 layers). as I was working with an original picture measuring 17″ by 13″, the combined files weighed in at a whopping 10 gigabytes. I composed the original cut in iMovie before importing it into Premier to add the Titles, Credits and Soundtrack.

The dynamic music is my favorite cut from “Get Naked” by the Naked Picassos. The Hollywood, CA band is fronted by my brother, William Clausen, and was voted one of the top bands on the Hollywood circuit.

The version of the Naked Picassos that appear on this cd are:

  • William Clausen – Lead Song Writer and Vocals, Bass, Guitar
  • Eric Melz – Keyboards
  • Tim Miller – Guitar
  • Randy Saludes – Drums
  • Lagi Apostalou – Bass
  • Michael Rudy – Bass
  • Mark Weiss – Drums

Additional Musicians:

  • Steven Ellis – Bass
  • Glen Goldberg – Guitar
  • David Holgate – Keyboards, Guitar
  • Rob Levbre – Bass
  • Boiney Rox – Drums

For completists, here the entire track on soundcloud
Pick up their latest offering on ITunes, and give ’em a like if you feel so inclined.

3 thoughts on “Paper Airplanes

  1. Recieved via email:

    From: Dana Conte

    Website: conte collection

    12:11 AM (8 hours ago)

    to me
    finally finished eh?

    lots of work, and the music was a good choice.

    the teacher was on overload, cuz it took too long with 600 frigin frames. My goodness.

    hope you get an “A”

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