Today is the deadline to enter your artwork in “The Phoenix“, Clark College’s award winning student art publication. I have included a piece by fellow student Sherri Coffman (above).

Yesterday marked the initial offering of our student newspaper “The Independent“. Once again I am privileged to produce the Student Life Comic, a commentary featuring our beloved mascot Oswald the penguin. this weeks installment focuses on a local welding instructor and his beloved Harley. Enjoy!




One thought on “Deadliner

  1. Reblogged this on Heavens Gate and commented:
    Today, I have been working with an Instructor on my painting “3 Equations” I am almost ready to start painting now. I need to go home and lay foundation of the picture.
    I see Leiulf has posted my Photoshop Final w/ all the changes the other students recommended. I have shown both to Kristl and she preferred the original one I did for my Final and received an A for. I’ll post it when I have time and you all can compare them.

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