A Wolf In A Trap





Tuesday night i will be presenting my final, Illustrator based Diorama photo in Art 208. It was an interesting process, which I will attempt to describe in brief. First I drew thumbnails (not shown). Once I decided on a direction, I drew a chain link fence, scanned it into Photoshop and cleaned it up. The Background layer was based on a photo of the wolf and “My Little Pony” that I photographed earlier. The vase in the background was replaced with portions of another photograph I took for a WordPress final project several months ago. The result was converted to black and white before importing both pieces into Illustrator, and a live trace performed.


Once all the pieces were in Illustrator I set about adding the little details and color. Fur was easily applied to the wolf. Patterns added to the pony proved a bit harder. The stock pattern was great, but did not line up on all the legs correctly. Fortunately you can edit stock patterns in Illustrator several different ways. I like the leaves and branch arrangement in the pony’s mouth, but had to erase it on the other parts of her body. I also discovered that I could “expand” the patterns and place them independently of the assigned swatch. The stock bamboo pattern used in the background was edited slightly using isolation mode.

Shown below are the three layers as well as a recreation of the setup to give you an idea of the process involved to get an actual photo of the 3 layer, Illustrated Diorama. The resulting picture used as the featured image above was chosen from among several and retouched in Photoshop. It has been mounted on matte board for presentation Tuesday evening.


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