I Heard The News Today (Oh Boy!)



Our Computer Graphics Technology 103 InDesign class was challenged to redesign a newsletter for Apoyemos al Español, a local (Oregon,U.S.A.) organization dedicated to the support of Spanish Immersion program in the Lincoln cluster. As we were given text files only, I used mostly personal photographs along with a few, mostly logo related things pulled from their website.The decorative motif, originally designed by instructor Kathrena Halsinger, was imported and converted into vector objects using adobe Illustrator. The photos are :
1) My uncle Herman (shown above with castañets). The portraits in the background were painted by my father Lejff Swann Clausen.
2) The lady on page 2 is his lovely wife Nieves (my mother) holding my sister Annette.
the other 2 photos are of my Mexican fat-neck guitar (flattened into a wall sculpture, the only thing it is good for IMO) and one of the concept boards I did for the Mexican Peso redesign project. My version was submitted to Apoyemos along with 18 others yesterday afternoon.
Here’s hoping they find it increible!

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