Falling In Love

The Fall_Leiulf Clausen

The Fall_Leiulf Clausen

In 10 hours I will be presenting my latest piece in Art 208 (Advanced digital illustration). Damien Gilley asked us to peruse fashion magazines he kyped from his girlfriend and choose some images to turn into an illustration. The idea was to portray a person’s inner thoughts by combining the pictures. Once combined we were instructed to add clipped bits from yet another source (pasted over the print).

I chose a photo from a fashion shoot and combined it with a full-page advert. I actually really liked the black and white composite, but Damien wanted color, so at the weekend I colorized the piece, printed it and added the “human bits” from the first ad and some Doves from yet another advertisement. I hope “Sir Gilleyhad” will approve. What do you think?

Tamp-2_Leiulf Clausen

Tamp-2_Leiulf Clausen

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