It’s So Quiet (In The Runes)

Calendar-Back_Leiulf Clausen

For CGT 103 (InDesign CS6) we had to create a calendar for our Mid Term. I decided to produce a promotional piece based on “An Alien Lure“.

The first unique thing about it is the creation and incorporation of RUNES to replace the text. Since Starbarians fear neither man nor Gods (and most of our days and months are named after the aforementioned subjects), ALL information is numeric. The months are numbered 1 – 12, and the days of the week 1 – 7. Furthermore, like many of the ancients, the system has no zero. It is an illogical waste of time to create a rune to represent nothing, when a space will suffice! Once you familiarize yourself with the numbered runes, the calendar makes perfect sense. The runes themselves were designed as an exercise in art 174 (Typography). They are constructed from just 3 letters of an existing typeface using Adobe Illustrator.

Calendar-Front_Leiulf Clausen

Another feature of the calendar itself is in the layout. All panels have been laid out in such a way that, when you are finished with the calendar, you can assemble the full size poster shown on the cover (above) if you so desire. An additional page was designed to include the last 2 panels needed for such an endeavor. I have omitted this “fourteenth page” from the gallery to save space.

The Calendar was unveiled in class yesterday and was well received. I hope you like it as well.


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