Welcome to the Machine (pt 2)



The school paper finally showed up in the graphics wing yesterday, so I can now reveal the second installment of my comic “Student Life”. Here at Clark there are some annoying features in the “THE SYSTEM”, that is the computerized interface that all students must interact with. Every time we register on-line we have to fill out the same questionnaire “why are you attending Clark?”, before we can select any classes. This screen should ONLY come up for NEW students (or students that have skipped at least a quarter). A similar thing occurs when you check into advising. The receptionist must fill in several blanks BEFORE your records are brought up, starting off with “Got any transcripts?”

In this day of database querying, the only pertinent question is “What’s your student number?”. The number is then submitted via PHP and SQL and your records are brought up. There is no need to ask about transcripts unless you have no records, or again, if you missed one or more quarters.

The original idea for this cartoon (that got me the gig with the paper) was to have our beloved president, Bob Knight, showing up at advising for a “meeting with the advisers”, only to be told that he must be checked into “The System” and then asked…”Got any Transcripts?” The idea was then adapted to fit our penguin mascot Oswald (Os) as a regular student.

I asked the head of the Technology dept. Bob Hughes (who was instrumental in bringing WordPress to the classroom here at Clark) why he did not authorize a student to “fix” the problems as a special project. He replied ” THE SYSTEM is designed at the State level” and therefore cannot be tampered with.

Welcome to the Machine….


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