Welcome To The Machine

MEKKANIKA-Components-Riccardo Sabatini

MEKKANIKA-Components-Riccardo Sabatini

Tentacle Font Leiulf Clausen

Tentacle Font Leiulf Clausen

Part of the assignment that I posted on Tuesday involved researching typography and emulating it in the design. When I took Art 274 Typography, we had to design a font based on repeatable components. One of my designs involved the making of a machine font. I drew several prototypes, but decided that the production of such a font using components was beyond my reach during the week and a half allotted to the assignment, so I did a paperclip font instead. Imagine my joyful surprise when I recently discovered MEKKANIKA by Riccardo Sabatini. This amazingly intricate component font is so exquisite I just had to share it with you. Here is Riccardo’s description from behance.net:
MEKKANIKA-Typeface-Riccardo Sabatini

Mekkanika is a typeface inspired by old mechanics technical drawings, the steampunk visual world, and modern machinery, mixed and merged all together to form letters completely made by these elements, creating a mechanical look like typeface.
All based on the letter shapes of the Din Alternate Black font and it’s the direct sequel to an old work of mine, THE MATRIX STEAM.

For the “Vote” poster, I spent 4 hours hand drawing three letters inspired by Mekkanika

Vote Font Leiulf Clausen

Vote Font Leiulf Clausen

and one inspired by the tentacled infinity drawing by Andrew Strauss.
Infinity Tentacle Andrew Strauss

Infinity Tentacle Andrew Strauss

I am indebted to both gentlemen and hope you enjoy thier work as much as I do.


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