Return of Cthulhu



For our weekly Illustrator project we were assigned to do a political poster that required the word “VOTE”. I refuse to do political pieces, so I decided, since we had killed Cthulhu off in ALF #3 that i would use this opportunity to bring him back. If you have been following my blog you saw in Alf #1 that the wizard king posses a magical staff. I decided that a bit of Cthulhu’s DNA escaped banishment while he was being de-molecularized, landing on ALF’s outstretched hand. This DNA sample attached tself to ALF’s staff at the earliest convenient time and used the magic inherent in it to reconstruct himself (thus the stick body in the illustration). The poster is therefore a study in the most dangerous “STAFF INFECTION” on any plane of existence. After all, Cthulhu is a legend, we can’t let him remain dead for long can we?


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