Tonight in Art 208, “Digital Illustration”, I will be presenting my promo piece for FashioNXT, held annually in Portland, Oregon (formerly known as Portland Fashion Week, or PFW).
I began by photographing fellow art student Kristen, who was kind enough to pose for me.



I combined the raw shot taken outside class at Clark College with one I posted earlier of a Fashion boutique in the Pearl district.

As we were required to integrate a “created pattern” in the piece, I shot the hand painted tiles in my shower.

Tiles in my shower_Leiulf_Clausen

Tiles in my shower_Leiulf_Clausen

I then used my extreme black and white conversion technique and further isolated the 2 roses, and combined them into a swatch using “Pattern –> Make”.



I shrank the pattern down and placed it on Kristen’s shirt. (see finished piece above)

I learned a lot. The piece was my first attempt at using the blob brush in combination with the pen tool. I did it in actual size of around 27 x 36 inches. This caused untold headaches as I ran out of memory twice, both on the school Mac and my home p.c. system. I am, however, ultimately happy with the result. I hope you feel the same.


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