The Blue Mask



Damien Gilley

Damien Gilley

,We have a new class at Clark College this quarter called Digital Illustration. It is essentially an advanced illustrator class. For our first assignment instructor Damien Gilley has challenged us to select a famous author and do a Vector portrait. We also had to select samples of similar portraits for inspiration. I am posting my choice, American Master Poet Lou Reed.

While I love the Featured image of Mr. Reed in the sunglasses (which I used my Black and White conversion method on, shown above), it has been done to death, so I had to pick between the “I GEEK ART” poster, or the slightly younger Reed in introspective specs.

Lou Source_3

Lou Source_3

Damien asked me to do the introspective version, so I will get busy on it and post it when it is complete.

Lou Source_5

Lou Source_5

Below, I have added all the various styles I collected for inspiration. Stay tuned…


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