An Alien Lure

XKLBR_0 Leiulf Clausen

XKLBR_0 Leiulf Clausen

Leiulf B Clausen – Art 131 Photo StoryTelling Assignment 4 – An Alien Lure
I began by taking pictures in my garden as usual. My “original idea” was to continue on the theme of photo combining I explored in assignment 3. I loved the look of my landlady’s red brick stepping stones she had recently constructed in the north yard. I photographed them all, liking what I saw. I then took a comic I had created in 1978 and cut it up, super-imposing it in sequence over the step-stones.

XKLBR_Early 1 - Leiulf Clausen

XKLBR_Early 1 – Leiulf Clausen

Once I started working, I realized there were some problems. First off, the end series of stones were a lighter color (probably due to afternoon lighting changes). Secondly, the comic I used is actually only the first fragment of a gargantuan epic, hardly a complete story.

XKLBR_Early 2 - Leiulf Clausen

XKLBR_Early 2 – Leiulf Clausen

My options were to either cobble up a page or two that “summed things up” (an impossible task), or to take the story in another direction. I decided to incorporate a latex alien doll I had created around the same time. Azuul (modified Latin for blue) of the Starbarians was exhibited in the 1978 Science Fiction and Fantasy Art Show and nominated for “Best of Show” by Jack “King” Kirby (co-creator of the Marvel Universe with Stan Lee). This was a great honor from one of my heroes. I photographed AZUUL in approximately equal light on and around the steps.

XKLBR_Early 3 - Leiulf Clausen

XKLBR_Early 3 – Leiulf Clausen

The premise was one of AZUUL bringing back the stones in his various raids around the universe, and searching in vain for the rest of the story. When OUR tale begins, after 34 years of searching, he has come to the realization that there are currently, no more stones to collect. He is an angry, fed-up fan and is ready to come to earth to confront the comics creator (that would be me). “Finish the story or die” is the exclamation.”The Starbarians are coming! If you have another installment when we arrive, I’ll collect it and get your autograph, if not, it’s the end of the line for your procrastinating soul.”

XKLBR_Early 5 - Leiulf Clausen

XKLBR_Early 5 – Leiulf Clausen

I gave a lot of thought to the display, deciding to run two vertical panels near the bottom to create a word balloon effect. The top row of the balloon is one panel, carefully photoshopped to blend as a single panoramic shot. The second row is mostly separate shots, so decided to leave the white borders to give it definition. Doing this meant that the second row would be longer than the first, so I added rounded corners at the end.

Of course, the REAL story is this…Nothing pisses off a fan like “to be continued”, it’s bad enough to wait a week for a T.V. episode, but “The Matrix” really blew it with the end of movie number 2! I think Nasa is on the wrong track with thier SETI Project. If you really want to bring alien life to Earth, Piss ‘em off! Send them my unfinished story and wait…Just hope I have part 2 done when they arrive!


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