Wishfull Beginnings

little wonderworld - photoshop collage 2001

little wonderworld – photoshop collage 2001

This Quarter I am rounding up my photography classes with “Photographic Story Telling”. My first Digital Photography class was 12 years ago. I’ve been meaning to feature a few of my past works from time to time and tell a little bit about each one, so this constitutes installment 1 of that series.

The photo collage featured above was one of my very first attempts at the medium. It began with a photo of a garden motif mural that my ex, Alice, painted. At the time I was also in the habit of bringing her handmade porcelain dolls to school, and photographing them posed about the campus. 2 of those shots were integrated into the collage. The centerpiece was a photo I took of a tiny bread dough sculture she had made before we were married (the girl and the horse). I tied all the elements together in Photoshop 6, using various textures, as well as mouse painting with the various brush tools.

outside- photoshop collage 2001.

outside- photoshop collage 2001

The next piece began life as a double exposure. I had a picture taken of me looking through the window of a dollhouse I was building from scratch for my daughters. What I did not know was that the film had been previously exposed. The underlying shot was of the exterior of an actual house, taken 90 degrees perpendicular to the dollhouse portrait. I always like the way the corrugated roof of the actual house played against the grooves in the plastic columns, so I scanned it and began playing with it in photoshop. My teacher loved it and insisted I enter it in both the 2002 student Art Annual, and the 2002 Phoenix. The piece was chosen for both forums.

Frost Art Gallery Exhibition 2002

Frost Art Gallery Exhibition 2002

Above is a picture of me and the piece (which the faculty had named “Digital Building”) at the 2002 Student Art annual held in the Archer Gallery on campus. Digital Building never did appear in the 2002 Phoenix, however. The director of the publication at the time was only interested in printing non-Digital photos. So, while I was the first Clark student to submit Digital work to the Phoenix, it took another 10 years to actually have my work published as “legitimate” art.

I’m proud to say that the current director of the Phoenix, Kathrena Halsinger has done a fine job with the publication for many years now, earning numerous awards.

Art of ALL types is not only accepted but urgently encouraged. A fine lesson to “keep knocking, and the door will be opened”.


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