Sunday Bloody Sunday (One Blood)

Bono and Blige - One

Bono and Blige – One

Once again it’s Sunday Morning. This month on All About Lemons Music Passion the focus is on duets. As this blog focuses on Mixed Media, I decided to do a post devoted to Bono‘s attempts to meld his wonderful take on Pop/Rock with artists who have either inspired him to take up the artform, or ones that currently inspire us all to continue experimenting.

I will begin with the band duetting with Rock God Lou Reed on Lou’s own Satellite of Love via a T.V. screen connection (ZOO TV – Sydney 1993).

My second offering was the most moving for me personally. Modern soul Diva Mary J. Blige explodes on this rendition of One, re-recorded in 2005 with U2, and released on her album The Breakthrough. I must confess I never understood half the lyrics or what the song was about until stumbling upon this masterpiece. Whether it stems from Ms Blige’s personal experience in the arena of one-sided love affairs, or just falls under the category of magical chemistry, the world is a better place for this collaboration.

My third submission is a wonderfully romantic version by Bono and The Corrs of Ryan Adam‘s When The Stars Go Blue. Recorded January 25, 2002 in Dublin, I have chosen the 2006 re-mix for it’s outstanding production values.

We close out this tribute to Bono with a Duet with “The Boss” Bruce Springsteen on I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For (live at Madison Square Garden).

Bruce, who contributed vocals to Lou Reed’s Street Hassle L.P. in 1978, takes this post full circle back to the beginning. The great part is, through all these experiments, maybe Bono found what he was looking for after all.

He certainly has in my eyes, what do you think?


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