Every Picture Tells a Story

3 quarter romance - 2010 - Leiulf Clausen

3 quarter romance – 2010 – Leiulf Clausen

Every Picture tells a Story Don’ It?

So went the refrain in an old Rod Stewart and the Faces song. And to some respects it is a true observation. But when it comes to TRYING to capture a message on film, I am much more suited to the “arranged” photo than the live action shot. The first photo I took was a symbolic look back at a romance that took place at Clark in 2010. I went back to where I first met her (and where we met almost daily over 3 quarters) , on the steps outside AA4.
K was a lovely, 26 year old nursing student with Iris tattoos all over her gorgeous body. She is represented by the exquisite, glass, Iris embossed vase. I am, naturally, represented by the wolf after which I am named. I took only one shot, the way I usually work, without a net.

100_0466 - Leiulf Clausen

100_0466 – Leiulf Clausen

The next series of shots were staged to represent the illegal export of e-waste to China. In art 273 I had to design a poster to call attention to this cause. The toilet idea was my favorite, but it was not chosen by the class for development (the design they did choose paid off by being published in the Phoenix, as well as hung in the Archer gallery in the Art student annual). I always wanted to go back and make the other statement, so I set up a shot in a bathroom and shot pix with and without flash. If I had gone with this “story”, the toilet would, of course, been changed to red (to resemble the Chinese flag).

ShopWindow - Leiulf Clausen

ShopWindow – Leiulf Clausen

BowieCDdesign - Leiulf Clausen

BowieCDdesign – Leiulf Clausen

DarkHorse - Leiulf Clausen

DarkHorse – Leiulf Clausen

I tried shooting some of my art in the garden. I took a current girlfriend on a field trip which began at everybody’s music in downtown Vancouver. The pictures there tell a tale of the economy, an empty store. We then visited the pearl district, including Powell’s. I liked some of the shots, many different angles that almost made a statement.

Manda-b - Leiulf Clausen

Manda-b – Leiulf Clausen

I shot jeans and machines.

100_0476 - Leiulf Clausen

100_0476 – Leiulf Clausen

Manda-1am - Leiulf Clausen

Manda-1am – Leiulf Clausen

I tried shooting “creative abstract” shots of an oil drip pan, street lights, my car and the aforementioned current girlfriend in the dark. I shot a rainbow and a turbulent sky. I even shot my eye!

100_0531 - Leiulf Clausen

100_0531 – Leiulf Clausen

In the end, the first cut was the deepest (Cat Stevens wrote that).

I followed your suggestion and brightened the 2 main actors (symbols). I selected them with the magic wand, copied them twice each, using blends of Color Dodge over screen in both cases. I added a faint outer glow to “K” and hid a shadow that interfered with the wolf, making him stand out by the absence of dark, her by addition of light.
I call it ¾ Romance, and really like it a lot. What do you think?


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