Like a Wolf on a Trip

Self Portrait-Leiulf Clausen

Self Portrait-Leiulf Clausen

This weekend I went hiking to Falls Creek Falls,north of Carson, Washington to see the falls. It was perfect timing because I needed something to jazz up a self-portrait assignment in Photographic Storytelling. When one does a self portrait it should communicate something about oneself. Being more of an illustrator than a photographer, I wanted to reduce the composition to something resembling a pen and ink drawing (without relying on the cookie cutter filters that ship with the program for such a purpose). I took a head-shot of myself and my wolf painting in my bathroom, (which I won’t bore you with), and added the waterfall as a backdrop. I then converted both to grey-scale and back to RGB and used my replace color “whitening method” to reduce it down to pure Black and White. The finishing touch was the addition of a hand signature on the bottom to intensify the illusion.

The wolf is important because my name means “crouching wolf” in viking, and was a title which had to be earned in battle by showing the cunning and ferocity of a wolf. While I am not quite sure if I’ve “earned” the right to use this title, I have discovered that, apparently, I am the only person in the United states with the name Leiulf Clausen. The piece went over well, so I thought I would share it with you. What do you think of it?



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