When The Kingdom Comes

Alf page1b William Clausen

Alf page1b William Clausen

Just spoke to my brother, Comic book artist William Clausen, who sent me these pages for Alf. This mini comic will be distributed at the panel on Richard Alf, co-founder of the San Diego Comic Convention with Shel Dorf, which will be chaired by William.

Original Alf Comic - Steve Garris

Original Alf Comic – Steve Garris

Richard Alf's Comic Kingdom

Richard Alf’s Comic Kingdom

The Alf comic started out as a comic that was included free with any order from Richard Alf‘s Comic Kingdom. My brother ordered Iron man #97 and received his copy around 1975.

Here is the history of the Alf Comic…

Alf #0 Unpublished-Steve Garris
Alf#1-Steve Garris-10 cents-intro by Wesley Ford-publisher Richard Alf 1975
Alf #2 Marvin Nelson publisher Valhalla 50 cents
Alf #3 by William Clausen,lettered by Leiulf Clausen 2012-published by Liquid Star Comics
….next year part 4 by Clayton Moore

I will post The first and second books in their entirety tomorrow.Today’s offerings are the raw scans from part of Alf #3 which I will adjust (in Photoshop), apply lettering and layout to fit 8 pages on an 8 1/2 by 11 sheet (InDesign), which will then be folded and cut into one “Elf-sized issue” like the others. The Alf panel to honor Richard will be held at this years event (mid July) so I guess I should go get started. TA!

Alf pages 3-5 William Clausen

Alf pages 3-5 William Clausen


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