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AlfLogo1 - William Clausen

AlfLogo1 – William Clausen

There’s Always SomeOne Around You Who Will Call…

Things are getting interesting around here! Last week I recieved a couple of e-mails. One from my brother asking me if i would be interested in lettering his latest offering ALF, The Wizard King, (occurring in the magical land of Alf on the planet El Cortez, in which I make a cameo appearance) and another from someone who shall remain nameless for now. Read on…

cold blooded chameleon commandos #1

cold blooded chameleon commandos #1

“I actually have a great fascination with the story of the Cold Blooded Chameleon Commandos and was trying to figure out who owns the rights to them. Whether it is your Brother or a separate company since I read that Blackthorne Publishing is no longer around. I am a very independent filmmaker/producer and was looking to possibly get the film rights to turn CBCC into a film. Also I would really like for you, your brother and anybody else who was in the process of developing these characters to have some creative say and storyline say as well. Me and my co-writer were looking at transferring all 5 issues into 1 script if possible. Also we were looking at doing little background videos introducing the each main character and the story line before production started to try and get some good investors, this way the movie has a decent fighting chance as well. Please let me know if you can help out with this, and just so you guys know even if another company has the rights, if I obtain them I would still love for you guys to give any input and creativeness as desired… Once again Thank you for your time.”

I told him i would love to be involved either artistically (Concept Art, Story Board, Background Paintings, CGI Effects, Posters etc.) or in a Creative, advisory capacity. I then forwarded the e-mail to William who is currently involved in trying to make this happen. Stay tuned…


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