Page And Plant

Papers for Printing

Papers for Printing – Mark Beach, Ken Russon

Today our Art 274 – Advanced Publications class went on a field trip to local paper distributor WCP Solutions. I mentioned to our host, Sample specialist Ken Russon, how much I learned last summer from reading a book entitled “Papers for Printing: How to Choose the Right Paper at the Right Price for Any Printing Job.” He beamed and exclaimed “I wrote that book!”
Fellow Graphic Designer Debby CorzineI highly recommend reading it. Inexpensive copies can be found on EBay. Another alternative is adding it to your list of books on as fellow classmate and Graphic designer Debby Corzine appears to have done this afternoon. It is an excellent read, covering everything including manufacture, understanding package labels, grain, embossing, coatings, printing techniques etc., etc.

2012-06-18 Leiulf Clausen Mobile Workstation

My new Wacom miniature tablet along with my summer reading for this year!

After the tour of the plant I went to Goodwill and, on a lark, decided to look in the electronics section for a Wacom Graphics Tablet. There were only a couple of computer related items, but one of them was a NEW IN THE BOX Wacom Graphire minature tablet with mouse, pen and software for only $6.99 (U.S.)
Can full blown Digital Painting be far behind?


One thought on “Page And Plant

  1. Borrowing a page from Public Broadcasting’s “Car Talk”, I would appreciate it if all comments on this particular post would be handwritten on paper and taped to a REALLY, REALLY BIG Wacom tablet and sent to my home address via regular mail. Don’t worry about including the pen, I already have one of those!

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