Warmachine Wrath-Andrea-Uderzo

Yesterday I introduced you to Digital Painting. Waheed Akhtar, a freelance web designer from Dubai has a blog called Boost Inspiration, also dedicated to finding creative and inspirational resources for Art, Web Design, Illustration, Photography, Typography and Digital Painting. I have reblogged one of his posts.

Warmachine MKII Digital Paintings

Privateer Press, founded in December 2000, is an award-winning role-playing game and miniature wargame production and publishing studio. They produced board games like Warmachine, Hordes or the Iron-Kingdoms. Hundreds of thousands of players all over the world enjoy playing their games.



Warmachine is a fast-paced and aggressive squad-based tactical action game set in the steam-powered fantasy world of the Iron Kingdoms. Players take on the role of elite soldier-sorcerers known as warcasters. Though immensely powerful combatants in their own right, the warcasters’ true strength lies in their ability to coordinate & control the mighty warjacks – massive steam-powered combat automatons that thunder across battlefields wielding powerful weapons & engaging battle in a clash of iron and steel.

An illustrator (Andrea Uderzo) from Italy has drawn a large number of incredible Warmachine painting & illustrations for Privateer Press. Today’s post is the collection of these digital paintings for your inspiration.


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