‘Shopping’ for Girls

Zhang Lu_011
Many of my recent illustrations involve a style which combines regular scanned drawings I load into Photoshop and then flesh out using the drawing tools provided by the program. My inspiration for experimenting in this manner originated with these videos. The following exhibits are by artists I discovered 2 years ago who are drawing in a traditional manner using ONLY Photoshop. This was a new idea to me personally. I have tried to expand upon my humble penciling and photographic skills by combining both traditionally rendered works with photos since being introduced to Photoshop 6 in 2001, but I never even thought about using Photoshop as the only tool to create illustrations from scratch! These guys are as amazing as they are entertaining to watch. Take a look at the following videos from I draw girls.com to see what I mean.

Massive Black Shanghai artist Zhang Lu is also very impressive. See some of his Photoshop portraits and drawings below.


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