ProjecKt One

Punch Card-1
Today I am presenting my Fanno Flash Final ProjecKt to the advanced publications class. After finalizing the animation, logo, font etc. with george I needed to create the “Actors” that will appear on the Flash “Stage”. I started by doing a line trace on an existing punch card. The results (seen above) were unacceptable. I then proceeded to recreate the card from scratch. I spent what seemed like an hour looking for a font that matched the original, I finally settled on Arial Web. I then started laying out the rows of numbers beginning with 0. Each zero was laid out as an individual character so they could be morphed individually. After doing all 80 zeros, I realized I only needed 1 of each character to load into Flash. The duplicates will be placed using “Symbols”. This made the task of finalizing the pieces a snap. Seen below are ALL the pieces I need to do the animation. As I stated yesterday, I will post the final banner upon completion.
Punch Card-2


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