Jumping Jack Flash

In Art 274 we have the privilege of working with real clients. My instructor, Martha Lewis, suggested I work with her friend, and coding expert, George Fanno. George has been programming and coding for many years, and wanted to add some movement to his website.
At our initial meeting, we looked at his home page and determined that the existing banner, while well designed, was more in the vein of a graphic designer than a programmer. The use of color and bits of what appears to be typography was not helping to convey what George is really all about.
I proposed using a punch card in a Flash banner as being more in line with programming.
We agreed that the banner would have to be doubled in size to accommodate it properly.
He also suggested I simply make the banner black. I went home and put together some crude Photoshop animations to choose from (seen in the slideshow below)

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

George chose the Static white card dissolving into the custom logo.
I’ll share the final banner when it is complete.


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