Where Black is the Color…

This summer I am scheduled to take Revit, my third class on 3D modeling software. 2 summers ago I was encouraged to take Google Sketchup (a free 3D modeling program you can download Here) as an elective. I was confused as to how this program might fit into my future plans, so I did some investigating and stumbled upon Massive Black studios, which inspired me a great deal.

A few short years ago, a small ragtag group of young artists banded together as a virtual company. They had met in school, online, and while working at various jobs in the film and games industry. They had $6,000, a passion for art, talent, experience and a lofty goal: Deliver the top quality artwork to the top quality companies in the entertainment world.

Today, Massive Black’s 55 artists provide concept design, storyboards, graphic design, illustration, 2D concept art, 3D modeling, texture painting,3D animation, and marketing materials to more than 80 entertainment clients worldwide. They also work together with Conceptart.org to put on workshops for graphic students and art professionals alike. Conceptart.org is "a web community of artists who want to help each other learn about art, provide the best place to showcase work, further art educations, and to meet other artists from around the world." Look at the following short video of the premiere event in Austin, Texas, 2004 to see how these great events not only unite students with job opportunities and workshop experiences, but how mixed media is the glue that holds them all together.

Learn more about Massive Black & Conceptart.org here:


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