I Went to the Window…

Windows 70
Yesterday was reserved for presentation and critique of our “Found Object” assignments in Advanced Photography. This is a combined class, so many of the entries on the traditional side of the camera were photos of found objects. Being on the Digital side of the spectrum, I not only photographed found objects, but combined my pix in a collage and framed it in a “sculpture” of actual “Found” objects.

I call the Multi-Media piece “Windows 70” (as in 1970). The foundation was an actual “Type Drawer” salvaged from a “Print House” of a by gone era. These were the drawers that housed actual metal type, which had to be assembled by hand, inked and pressed to paper. I positioned the “Type Box” in an actual “Window Frame” in my bedroom, creating a “TypeBox in Windows” theme.

I then added mostly archaic communication items, a cup of pens, pencil and markers – Printed business cards – a book I produced for Art 174 Typography – a metal rolodex I’ve had since the actual 70’s, etc. Among the printed material in the “TextBox” I place an actual page from the rolodex, as well as torn tabs that remained after pages were torn out, symbolizing the “freeing up of hard drive space” that we take for granted nowadays.

To make a contrasting statement, I also included a few more currently recognizable items, an unactivated credit card, school I.D. and a digital coffee club card alongside the paper punch one. I also included the current PhotoShop CS5 frame over the actual window frame. In the background, one can glimpse a glass and metal sculpture of a Spider Web, in the foreground an old “Explorer Globe” hinting at the grand internet, not yet open for our perusal in 1970.

Windows 70 - Leiulf Clausen

Windows 70 – “Found Object Multi Media Sculpture” – Leiulf Clausen

I housed the the completed collage in a non-functioning monitor and added a soft light source internally. The whole “Found Object” piece set me back $20. I have submitted it to the Clark college Photography Club for possible exhibition at their upcoming 1st Thursday exhibition. Wish me luck.


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