Without You


In 1982, Stevie Ray Vaughan played a party for a record executive and bombed. Someone in attendance arranged for him to play the Montreux jazz festival, a huge coup for an unsigned artist. A funny thing happened at the festival, his loud, explosive interpretations of Blues Rock were booed by the Swiss who had been enjoying a quiet evening of stand up basses etc. 2 people in attendance met him in a bar after the show and helped launch his career. One was David Bowie, the other Jackson Brown.

David hired Stevie to play on his most commercial L.P. “Let’s Dance”. Jackson offered to let him use his recording studio in California to produce his first release. 3 years later, Stevie was invited back to Montreux as the headliner. This time the Swiss had caught up and hailed him as the conquering hero he so richly deserves.


These events are captured for posterity on a 2 DVD/ 2 CD set. a shining moment is his electrifying version of Jimi Hendrix’s “VooDoo Chile”

Although Stevie died tragically all too soon he continues to inspire. His performance on Austin City Limits remains Public Broadcasting’s highest rated program. God bless you Stevie, wherever you are. You were tuned in to the force and brought it home to us, and I salute your genius.

Stevie_Ray_Vaughan_Without You

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