If you pay attention to detail, you might have noticed that the name displayed in the browser bar is now Leiulf.com. Besides working with actual clients, one of the things we are working on in art 274 is developing a personal identity. Seen above is my attempt to advertise the fact that I am a skilled illustrator who also can swim in the pond of technology. So why Leiulf and not UlfArt? I have owned the domain ulfart.com for 12 years. I chose it because it appeals to my danish sense of humor, being very close to “ol Fart”. But, I have to ask if you really want a web site, poster or brochure with the tag “designed by Ol Fart”? Leiulf is a title. It is a warrior’s name that had to be earned in battle. It was also used by my dad for many years to sign his oil paintings, so it has a tradition in the world of fine arts. It is also code. elif is an “else if” statement in Python, ul is an unordered list in HTML 5. So why not use it as my brand? Leiulf says it all.

The graphic is a bar graph I designed in illustrator in 2001. I have modified it to look like a cityscape that could easily be a background panel in the Shadow, Spiderman, or any comic book.
By using only Helvetica, I am also paying tribute to the work of the great design firms of the 60’s. It covers all the bases by being ambiguous enough not to be overt in any area, yet open to interpretation by the viewer. It’s urban and retro simultaneously.

Seen below are some of the business card designs in progress. The text layout is a result of a rigid class assignment. On some of them, only helvetica and helvetica Neu could be used, not only as the text, but to construct the images as well (yes the pipe and sunburst is all text, made up of only my initials, another restriction). While I am happy with the logo, the cards are still in development. Stay tuned…


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