The Prince and The Pauper

Thursday our group, the Phat Katz, staged a photo in downtown Vancouver, Wa
(outside a coffee shop, across from the Convention Center).

We wanted to make a statement about the economy and the disparity between rich and poor in America. Our idea was to shoot an encounter between a business tycoon and a lemonade stand vendor. We decided to portray the lemonade “kid” as an elderly person on a fixed income. Our teacher’s aide, Paul Peloquin was kind enough to don a beanie cap (with propeller) and man the stand. Jeremy Testerman portrayed our monocled monopolist. Other group members included Megan Knight,Dakota Tinker and Beth-Ann Stempien. Thanks to our sister team Gory Death for support.

Various ideas were posed. Seen below are our instructor Senseney Stokes and photographer Beth-Ann demonstrating their vision of having Paul and Jeremy do the Hokey Pokey.

This idea was ultimately jettisoned in favor of 2 shots. The first showed the businessman smiling broadly as he strides off with , not lemonade, but the plastic piggy bank he just purchased from Paul.

The second shot was of The businessman and retiree fighting over the piggy bank as he tries to take it by force.

Senseney shot the pictures with a professional, tripod mounted camera, while the rest of us documented the event. It’s not quite Sandy Skoglund, but a great time was had by all!

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