Pin Ups (2)

Frank Brunner STAR DUSTER
As I mentioned yesterday, Frank Brunner returned to comics in 2010, contributing art to William Clausen’s “Short Stories and Tall Tales” (issue #1). He headlined a midbook gallery which also included art for a phonebook ad my brother did for “Wrecks ‘R’ Us” (early 80’s), as well as a concept sketch I did for an undeveloped series called “Preying Mantis” (1986). The gallery was presaged by this Tribute page to Frank.
William Clausen-Frank Brunner-SS&TT-13
Frank is returning for issue #2. Seen below are his 3 pin-ups for issue #1 (including the full color back cover), as well as the pencils for issue #2’s pin-up of “Starduster and Babe”.


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