Apple of Sodom

Apple of Sodom - David Ransier

Today is the deadline for submitting art to the Archer Gallery to be included in the physical side of the Student Art Annual. The difference between “The Phoenix” and this event is the pieces judged worthy of actual display are juried by the instructional staff, not the students.

Among the many doing 11th hour preparation in the lab (myself included) I met David Ransier. I was impressed with his piece and asked him if I could share it with you to mark this event.

Here is his description:

My name is David Ransier. I am an aspiring web developer that is trying to learn some design and graphics skills. This piece started out as a statement to the health benefits of apples. When my instructor criticized the simplicity of the composition, my design morphed into a message from Satan.

As the piece was unnamed, I chose a Marilyn Manson track from “The Lost Highway”.

Wish us luck, perhaps we’ll see you at the gallery!

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