Short Stories and Tall Tales (pt 1)

Short Stories and Tall Tales-Cover
Speaking of fantastic comic splash pages, It’s about time for me to begin sharing the premier issue of William Clausen’s Short Stories and Tall Tales. If you’ve been following my blog from the beginning, you know that, as teenagers my brother and I attended a round table sponsored by Stan Lee at Shel Dorf‘s San Diego Comic Convention around 1976. When he asked what kind of Marvel publication we wanted to see, I spoke up and gave him the premise that would eventually be released as EPIC ILLUSTRATED.

William and I had dreamed of doing a book called EPIC TALES, and that was the name I pitched to Stan. The alternate title we did not give him was:


Here is William’s Dedication:

“Dedication page short stories and Tall Tales No. 1
The Long Road From There To Here
By William Clausen
37 years…THAT’S ENOUGH!!…37 years ago the seeds of this comic anthology title were sown. Begun with a Bowie-esque story which would later become “The Starduster”. Yes, my brother Leiulf and I embarked on this wild ride together, creating offbeat characters and extravagant storylines. These would ultimately be left on my shoulders to complete when Leiulf abandoned the project to concentrate on family and religion.
Well, it’s now 2010 and ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!! Along with the help of a few good friends, you see before you the first issue of “Short Stories & Tall Tales”. volume one. We’ve got some exciting places to go, dear reader. We’ll explore exciting new worlds of adventure, and revisit classic creations from the past.
So, strap on those crash-helmets, and let’s take a joyride into uncharted imagination.”

So, without further ado, I give you part (1) including a dedication by George Clayton Johnson


9 thoughts on “Short Stories and Tall Tales (pt 1)

  1. The actual alternate title was Killer Comix…I came up with this new title….we’re currently finishing up issue#2….Back cover by Frank Brunner (Again).

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