Let There Be Light!



Today I submitted the following photographs in my digital photography class. the assignment was to try to capture the essence of light. All pictures were taken in my bedroom with the exception of the light fixture itself, which was snapped in the Frost Art center men’s room.

The bedroom pics were color corrected and layered 2 or three times in PhotoShop using blending modes. The men’s room picture is presented as shot with no corrections other than a slight alignment fix.

For the bed itself, I first converted to Grayscale, then back to RGB mode. I used replace color to turn the lightest of grays to white, adding to the light effect. the blacks were then returned to full strength. I am still not claiming to be a great photographer, but they were well enough received that I thought I would share them with you. What do you think?

One thought on “Let There Be Light!

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