Lejff the Lucky

I suppose My list of influences would hardly be complete without mentioning my father Lejff Swann Clausen.

Lejff was born in Denmark in 1900. Inspired by his mother’s painting he decided to become an artist. He knew that the pagan alters in the Kirkes (churches) had been painted over during the time of the freezing of the last names (forced conversion under Harald Bluetooth). Taking a penknife he sneaked into a sanctuary and carefully scraped at the lead-gray paint on an alter, uncovering the pagan motiff beneath. A restoration grant was secured and his career begun. Lejff (born Leif Carl Clausen) did many things, from gold-leafing the Capitol dome in Washington, to masive oil paintings and sculptures.


Seen above is the only example I have of one of his paintings. It is heavily photoShopped due to poor condition of my photo, but at least you get an idea of the color pallette he used. Painted in Malaga, the young lady in the painting is my mother, Nieves. Lejff changed the spelling of his name when I was thumbing around the country.
Seen below are the 2 of us after my return.


For this post I painstakingly tried to restore his business card (which I have always loved). The last picture is a result of applying the original blue and white card over an inverted copy and using exclusion. Black and gold are the traditional colors of the clausen clan (which is German, not Scandinavian, and means “Son of the Victorious People”). I did this for inspiration, as I am working on a card of my own for both Art 274 and Art 173, but that will be the subject of a later post.


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