The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo


Saturday I posted the work of Rebeca Saray, whom I researched for my Digital Photography class. Today I am sharing the photograph I actually posted, along with my comments.

As I mentioned in class, I am not a photographer. I know next to nothing about artificial light sources or lenses. I understand terms such as exposure, but I have no experience with such techniques, so i will simply tell you what I, as an artist, enjoy about this picture. The photographer, Borge Ensgarde, is based in Sweden (he goes by Capsicon). The picture was taken in Balsta, Uppsala, SE.

I love this picture because it would translate well into a drawing or painting. I have no doubt that some tweaking in photoshop has been done, but it still is obviously a photograph. The lighting appears to be normal evening as filtered through natural objects. There may be an additional soft light on her back, but I do not know this for certainty.

I chose the shot that contains a lot more of the scene, including the full figure of the woman. If the woman had no tattoo it would not be quite as interesting (graphically) to me.

There is an additional cropped version, where the Dragon tattoo is the main attraction. The crop is done nicely, using the line in the concrete wall to balance the woman on the left. Also the photographer used diagonal lines in the wall to balance the delicate lines in her hair, but I feel the full version is more dynamic.


The wall’s impurities lend much to the picture. I see the faint appearance of a dog or wolf (or possibly love interest) in the area where her gaze falls. This is missing from the cropped version. Balance is still achieved by the line in the walls to her right, but this time a diagonal shift upwards is created simultaneously. The color and texture also really set off the piece. If there were no texture (plain hospital walls) it would not be nearly as effective. The texture adds to the blue mood.

adj., blu·er, blu·est.

Gloomy; depressed. See synonyms at depressed.
Dismal; dreary: a blue day.
Indecent; risqué: a blue joke; a blue movie.

Sometimes blue refers to sadness, sometimes to sex either way I just want to step into the picture and make everything alright, don’t you?


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