SiX oF a PerFeckt PaiR (Level I)

So, it’s 1995, there’s this band, and they have two drummers both using a mixture of percussive, electronic, and traditional drums , a guitar player who uses a power drill on his guitar, the other guitarist plays sitting down expressionless when it seems like the stage is turning to chaos all around him, a Chapmanstick(an 8-string bass thing) player, who uses a bow to play his bass, and a Warr Guitarist, who has more strings on his instrument than should be physically allowed.

This band is King Crimson. The concept of the Double Trio came about after Robert Fripp toured with David Sylvian. Fripp retained Trey Gunn and Pat Mastelotto for the 95 incarnation of the Crim. Problem was, the other three members also wanted the gig. Solution? The double trio, 2 guitarists, 2 touch guitarist/bassists. 2 drummers. Saw this tour and was completely blown away!! It was like nothing I ever heard from album to live show.

King Crimson. The only modern band that has broken the bonds and is seriously advancing the standards of music. Reminiscent of John Coltrane during his ‘Live in Japan’ era.

The jazz – like overtones in Thrak carried over into the ProjeKts. Smaller groups of 3 and 4 Crims that went on small tours in small clubs doing freeform improv. If you’re open to uncharted territories in sonic sounds, this late 90’s incarnation of King Crimson is your ticket to nirvana.

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