Find Me SomeBody (Pt 2)

Thailand_artist_Kittiwat_Unarrom Next I’d like to get a little stranger. If being a successful artist is all about "finding your own unique nitch" I think that Artist Kittiwat Unarrom certainly has found his. He sculpts bloodstained human body parts — heads, limbs and organs — in his bakery in Thailand:

Thai artist Kittiwat Unarrom has found a way to give one of the world’s most basic food items an entirely different look, and it’s not pretty. Prepare to have your understanding of artistic good taste completely redefined.

No, this picture wasn’t taken in a serial killer’s basement. Believe it or not, those graphic, gory body parts are actually loaves of bread. This is definitely a far cry from the good, homemade bread your mother used to make, and it’s certainly not intended for anyone with a weak stomach.

So, anybody interested in a slice of severed head?

Ooh, these ones look really fresh! I bet they’d be scrumptious with some decent strawberry preserves.

If you can get past the cannibalistic queasiness that’s probably churning around inside of you, you might find the bread to be quite tasty – it’s made from dough, raisins, cashews, and chocolate. Unarrom, who holds a master’s degree in fine arts, uses the family bakery as a workshop for his culinary creativity, where he transforms innocent loaves into something straight out of the Saw movie series.

What began as a university competition for Unarrom turned into a full-time pursuit that keeps him busy for six hours a day. High demand for his work has driven prices as high as $500 for one loaf of his death bread.

This may be one of the most creative combination of culinary knowledge and artistic skills I’ve ever seen, but seriously, somebody needs to give this guy a job designing props for horror movies.

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Head Bread Anyone?

Head Bread Anyone?

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