Surf’s Up!

1996 Silver Surfer Pin-up - Color - William Clausen

1996 Silver Surfer Pin-up - Penciled by Kevin Kobasic - Inked by William Clausen - Color


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In my previous post I mentioned 2 artists whose career just got better as they aged. The same is true of my brother, William, who in 1994 achieved the “Holy Grail” and began inking for mighty Marvel Comics.

Here is his take on how it occurred:

“I got hired by Craig Anderson ( Son of Marmaduke creator, Brad ),..
who I used to do the art show at Comicon with….
I inked several pages and a cover…
including the 1996 Silver Surfer annual pinup
( Next to Al Williamson )….”

Both of these events got me re-interested in Sound and Vision. I began searching for inspiration again, fortunately, another old friend reappeared in 1995, just when he was needed most.

2 thoughts on “Surf’s Up!

  1. The Punisher was penciled by Whilce Portacio/Inked by william Clausen….Silver Surfer Penciled by Kevin Kobasic/Inked by William Clausen..not sure who penciled Xmen.

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