Today is Free Comic Day. In the spirit of that event I have posted a “cult” freebie. This comic (by my brother William, with lettering by Shel Dorf) was given away in 1992 to promote the original Leprechaun movie.

Here is the back story as told by William Clausen.

“…a groupie of my old band “Modern Myth” worked at Trimark pictures
and knew that the 1st attempt (using line copies from the movie stills)
had failed to get the desired comic book look…she mentioned me…
They had me do a cover and take a meeting…I got the gig…….
less the money that was already paid out for the failed project
…Bill Sanders hired me…( drummer – hot water music )
…….Kathy Kiebler recommended me….there were
editorial changes down to press date……”

Leprechaun #1 Review Hollywood Reporter

Leprechaun #1 - Preview of movie and comic - Hollywood Reporter

This is a rare book. An autographed copy is listed at $49.99

Part of this comic was posted by casketsalesman, who had this to say in his post:

“Leprechaun is quite cool, and when i found the comic book edition of it, I was floored. I love the series, and the books were awesome. I enjoyed it, and scanned it for a bunch of you readers, and here it is for you to enjoy.”

All scans in this post provided by William.

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