Alice and I

Alice and I - Frost Art center - Clark college - 2000


Singing "Wild is the Wind"- 1986

In 1986 I married Alice, another talented artist. We shared life for 20 years. Alice painted and sculpted. One of her favorite genres was one of a kind porcelain dolls.

As her work evolved I took a mold-making class, shocking everyone by bringing a doll head to a class where everyone else was learning to cast a simple bowl. “Make sure you keep up” was the instructors terse command.(I did).

The molds for these dollheads can be quite complex, requiring (upwards of 13) separate pieces, such as for the eyes, ears etc.

This one I photographed at Clark College in 2000. People would look at me funny carrying dolls around at school (can’t imagine why).

I posed him contemplating the geometry of a seed pod, representing the discovery of mathematics.

I think Alice is very talented, I hope you do as well.


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