DoubleCross color

DoubleCross is the epic poem I did around 1981 while working as a Graphic Artist for the Mac Project PENSAR. Back then we were not called Graphic Designers for a reason. Everything was done by hand. You want lettering? Design a font and hand draw it. Background? Get out a sheet of Zip-a-Tone, cover your drawing with it and carefully cut the foreground out with an exacto knife. Don’t like the results? Start with a fresh copy and

It’s no wonder I needed to do something for my own pleasure to keep my sanity.

DoubleCross was published in 1987 at the back of RIVIT #1 (just as my brother William promised). It is presented as it appeared, in glorious Black and White. The color versions are shown here for the first time (William Clausen, colorist). Enjoy.


2 thoughts on “DoubleCross

  1. I mentioned that in the previous post and also tagged this post with your name. I have now added your fantastic colorization skills to the main article. sorry for the appearance of an oversight, I assure you none was intended.

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