Magic and Loss (part 1)

Lou Reed Street Art

supreme-t-shirt-street-art-featured-original-rapper-lou-reed-Photo lazysundae

“There’s a bit of magic in everything, and some loss to even things out.”

– Lou Reed

lou reed t shirt autograph session Born as Lewis Allan Reed, American musician Lou Reed is best known as one of the principals in The Velvet Underground, a band long associated with the late Pop-Art pioneer Andy Warhol. While past Supreme collaborations might have included bigger profile celebrities or muppets, Lou Reed is one of the most respected artists within the music industry and Supreme has payed their respect by placing him on one of their signature t-shirts.To highlight its Spring 2009 Collaboration t-shirt, Supreme went for a late night raid across New York and SoHo with a plethora of posters and posterbombed neighborhoods. The posters are simple, featuring a photo of musician Lou Reed (shot by Terry Richardson) wearing a Supreme t-shirt (accessorized with aviator sunglasses and a smug expression).

Just like the previous Kermit the Frog Supreme posters, the Lou Reed posters which were posted on the streets of New York were “vandalized” by several street artists, among them Faile, who “enhanced” them with a tiger face in place of Lou’s, and the word “Vanity” in place of “Supreme.” At least 1 other “art afficionado” was observed ripping them down. In all, a reported 60 posters were altered or ripped. Talk about a REAL Street Hassle.(Compiled from several web sources).

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