Banging on my Drum

TSOL - Dance With Me (front)

TSOL - Dance With Me (front)-Mark Wassman

Everybodys Music Owner, Brian Wassman is an excellent drummer. He has been in many bands over the years from Portland’s 1980 Progressive Rock offering Theater of Sheep to punk outfits like Toxic Shock Syndrome. He has recently re-issued his greatest hits, sporting a cover by his brother, Mark Wassman.

Mark is probably most famous for his painting on the cover of the 1981 TSOL release Dance With Me, which has a maniacal following world wide. He also custom paints street rods, being responsible for such highly loved paint jobs as the corvette in The Endless Summer and the van in the Ramones movie debut, Roger Corman’s Rock and Roll High School. (He also painted the Mermaids in the previous post).

For the re-issue, Brian asked me to change the name of one of his bands from the ForeSkins to RED TAPE. As Brian once drummed in rehearsals for Black Flag (1978), I was also asked to place their logo on the back of the t-shirt the punk is wearing.

For this part of the job I used the liquify command in Photoshop, being ever mindful that I was enhancing the work of a legend. Talk about big shoes to fill!

I hope that Mark approves of my humble efforts.

EM Card-1


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