Here is my rendition of the main character in “A Paranormal Romance“, for this years edition of “The Phoenix” (Clark College’s student art annual).



He is the narrator, being the only child that did not take after his vampire father and burn up on his way to school. He still needs to bundle up when he goes out because he still is not sure if he has the curse or not. The shotgun he holds is the one his mother uses to kill anyone who comes around for “Daddy’s Dinner”.

The head was drawn first, scanned and imported into Photoshop.

The body was roughed in using the digital brushes. The hands were drawn separately, scanned, sized and touched up digitally. The shotgun barrel was enhanced with the line tool. Another example of (Pento), in this case, Enhanced Pen from a Pencil base).


3 thoughts on “Gunman

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